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Patricia's Pantry


Hi there – my name is Patricia, but most know me as Trish. Thanks for checking out my website! My love for cooking began at a very early age. My grandmother loved to bake and so I spent many afternoons with her in her kitchen. The love for baking was passed on to my mother and I often helped her too. Both homes were always filled with fresh-baked cookies, bread and squares. As I grew, so did my tastes. I began to discover my enjoyment for really good food. And what better way to find it than to make it? I found myself cooking family meals and after school snacks for my 3 older brothers. I soon enrolled in NAIT’s Culinary Arts program and graduated with the knowledge and passion necessary to drive me to where I am now. I married my husband, had my daughter, Penny, and decided to create Patricia’s Pantry as a way to align my favourite things in life - my family and my passion for delicious food. My intent is to deliver a wholesome meal and experience to you with every dish.